The National Academy of Science and Technology, Philippines' mandated functions are as follows:
Under the Presidential Decree 1003-A - To recognize outstanding achievements in Science and Technology as well as provide meaningful incentives to those engaged in Scientific and Technological Researches.
Under the Executive Order No. 818 - To advise the President and the Cabinet on matters related to Science and Technology.
Under the Executive Order No. 818 - To engage in projects and programs designed to recognize outstanding achievements in science and to promote scientific productivity.
Under the Executive Order No. 818 - To embark on programs traditionally and internationally expected of an academy of science
Republic Act 9107 - To manage, operate and maintain the Philippine Science Heritage Center, the country’s main repository of the contributions, achievements, and accomplishments of Filipino scientists in the field of science and technology. PSHC was inaugurated on December 14, 1998 and had its grand launching as a full-scale Science Center in 2001.